EMF Business & Workplace Surveys

    Exposure to excessive levels of EMFs in the workplace is a common occurrence, but it can often be avoided as long as the correct remedial steps are taken to reduce radiation levels. Whether you are working in an office, industrial unit, shop or school there can be a variety of potential hazards where employees are  involuntarily exposed to Electromagnetic Radiation.Problems such as Wi-Fi wireless networks inside the workplace and mobile phone masts located on the roof or nearby your workplace are typical examples.

    The Health & Safety at Work Act puts a duty of care on both the employer and the employee to ensure the safety of all persons in the workplace, and this includes exposure of all such persons to electromagnetic fields.
The 27 EC countries are required to have legislation in place which will specifically address EMF in the workplace through Directive 2004/40/EC “minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from electromagnetic fields.”

    As an employer the well being of your employees is vital to
reducing the absence levels of staff and increasing productivity. A working environment that is monitored and checked for EMFs will be a more productive one.

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