Press Articles

Here are just a few of the articles written in the press that focus on the effects of Electromagnetic radiation:

GQ Magazine

"Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health"

Ever worry that that gadget you spend hours holding next to your head might be damaging your brain? (More...)

The Times

"Is Your Mobile Phone Bad For You?"
Some overseas studies have rekindled fears of a link to brain tumours. (More...)

The Independent
"French Government Bans Advertising Of Mobiles To Children"
New limits will be placed on radiation levels amid fears of increased risk of cancer from phone use. (More...)

The Independent

"Mobile Phone Radiation Wrecks Your Sleep."
Phone makers own scientists discover that bedtime use can lead to headaches, confusion and depression. (More...)

The Daily Mail
"The Classroom 'Cancer Risk' of Wi-Fi Internet."
Britain's top health watchdog has called for an inquiry into the use of wireless Internet networks in schools because of concerns they could be exposing children to the risk of cancer. (More...)

Wales Online
"Sleeping Children Wi-Fi Radiation Warning."
A Welsh radiation expert has warned of the dangers posed by wireless internet technology to sleeping children. (More...)

The Sunday Times 
"Cancer Clusters At Phone Masts"
SEVEN clusters of cancer and other serious illnesses have been discovered  around mobile phone masts, raising concerns over the technology’s potential  impact on health. (More...)

The Times 
"Health Fears Lead Schools To Dismantle Wireless Networks"
Parents and teachers are forcing some schools to dismantle wireless computer networks amid fears that they could damage children’s health. (More...)

The Daily Mail 
"Choked By The Electrosmog."
In a controversial analysis, scientist Alasdair Philips argues that many everyday gadgets are filling our homes with electromagnetic fields - and doing untold damage to us all. (More...)

The Independent 
"Electronic Smog"
The curse of the mobile phone age: around your home there are countless gadgets whose electrical fields, scientists now warn, are linked to depression, miscarriage and cancer. (More...)

The Independent 
"Are Mobile Phones Wiping Out Our Bees?"
Scientists claim radiation from handsets are to blame for mysterious 'colony collapse' of bees. (More...)

The Times 
"Mobile Phones and Health: What Every User Should Know"
A leading scientist has urged parents to stop children under 8 using mobile phones, arguing that there is still no proof they are safe. So what is the truth? (More...)

The Independent 

"Power Lines Double Risk Of Cancer In Children"
Living near a high-voltage power line roughly doubles the risk of childhood cancers such as leukaemia, scientists say. (More...)

The Independent
"Watchdog Calls For Study Of Cancer Link To Power Lines"
New studies are needed to establish if weak magnetic fields from high-voltage power lines lead to childhood leukaemia. (More...)

The Independent
"Everyday Electrical Appliances May Threaten Fertility"

Women who are exposed to low level radiation from everyday electrical appliances may be lowering their chances of having children. (More...)