EMF Home Buyer's Surveys

    If you are in the process of moving home and buying (or selling) a property you may want to know what the background EMF levels of the new property are before you complete your purchase. EMF levels will generally be higher if the property is located near to any of the following :

• Mobile Phone Masts

• Electricity Pylons / Powerlines

• Electricity Substations & Transformers

• Railway Lines

    If your prospective property is located near to any of these EMF sources, then we can carry out an
EMF Home Buyer's Survey that will give you an accurate indication of the EMF levels that you may be exposing yourself to. We can co-ordinate everything with the estate agent and will provide you will a full report detailing any hot-spot areas that may be a concern to you.

    If you would like a quote for an EMF Home Buyer's Survey please contact us at: survey@invisiblehazards.co.uk  or 07747 062531.