EMF Home & Environment Surveys
    An increasing number of people are becoming concerned about the potentially harmful effects of exposure to invisible Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation caused by both wireless technology and mains electricity.

    It is impossible to completely avoid EMFs but it is possible to measure the levels so that you can make simple changes in your home to reduce your exposure. This is most important in areas you spend a large amount of time, especially your sleeping areas.

    Our EMF Home and Environment Survey will measure both the electrical and the microwave wireless environments in your home, which will then indicate any hotspot areas that are above our recommended safe limit for EMFs. We will produce a report which will point out what simple remedial steps you can take to reduce your exposure and make your home a safer place for you and your family.

    There are many general household items that contribute greatly to Electromagnetic Radiation and care should be taken as to where you place these items in your house. Some of the items that are of most concern include :

• Mobile Phones
•  Digital (DECT) Cordless Phones
• Digital Baby Monitors
• Wi-Fi / Wireless Computing
• Computers / Laptops
• Microwave Ovens
• Clock Radios
• Games Consoles

    The main sources of microwave radiation in the home are digital (DECT) cordless phones, Wi-Fi wireless routers and digital baby monitors. People often find that their own digital cordless phone system is irradiating the inside of their house to a greater degree than a mobile phone mast would.
    There is considerable ongoing research that has shown a link between EMFs and many health issues including depression, memory loss, chronic fatigue, skin complaints, fertility problems, sleeping difficulties, childhood leukaemia and behavioural patterns in children. Extra care should also be taken if you are pregnant, as research has shown that children, pregnant women and anyone with a lowered immune system are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of EMFs.

    We will arrange to visit your home and measure the levels of Electromagnetic Radiation in every room. We will focus on any high readings, investigate the cause and advise solutions to reduce your exposure. An individually tailored report will be produced following our visit with recommendations of all the remedial steps you could take to reduce your exposure.

    If you feel that you do not require a full EMF Home and Environment Survey but have a specific concern that you would like us to investigate, we are happy to focus solely on your requirements. Whether it be the proximity of a substation, electricity pylons or a mobile phone mast we can adapt our surveys to accommodate your individual concerns.

   If you would like a quote for an EMF Home and Environment Survey please contact us at: survey@invisiblehazards.co.uk  or 07747 062531.